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Farmaajo sacks AG Dahir, appoints High Judge Mohamud as new AG

Monday November 25, 2019

MOGADISHU (HOL) -  Somali Attorney General Ahmed Ali Dahir was Monday relieved of his duties after close to six years as the government’s chief legal adviser.

Villa Somalia released a statement Monday announcing Dahir’s departure and the appointment of a new AG. Suleiman Mohamed Mohamud who has been serving as a high court judge since December 2018 is the new Attorney General.

Mohamud was among the four judges appointed to the High Court in December 2018 by President Farmaajo. Villa Somalia said the sacking of Dahir was based on recommendations from Chief Justice Baashe Yusuf Ahmed.

The changes, Villa Somalia said were meant to ‘accelerate judicial reforms and ensure a more transparent justice system throughout the country.’

Dahir came to office in July 2014 when Somalia filed the maritime case against Kenya in the International Court of Justice and led the legal team which achieved its first victory in February 2016 when the UN court ruled it had jurisdiction over the case.

Kenya had argued the ICJ did not have the mandate to entertain the case.